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Solar Water Heating System

Water heating accounts to the biggest percentage of electricity bills for many homes. These costs can quickly add up for big families and in places where there is a high demand for hot water. But did you know you can enjoy hot water throughout the year for free? With a solar water heating system, you take advantage of the solar energy to heat water for your needs.

Benefits of solar water heating system

There are many benefits that come with installation of a solar water heating system. Here are some of them;

Free hot water for life – imagine not spending a dime to enjoy all the free water you need in your home or business premises? The sun’s energy is available throughout the year for us to take advantage of and more importantly it is free. Although you have to invest in the solar water heating system, you do not have to pay recurring bills the rest of your lifetime like it happens when using electricity to heat water. After several years, the system will repay for itself and after that you start to enjoy free hot water.

Hot water throughout the year – Kenya enjoys a tropical climate with sunlight available throughout the year. Even in the cold months of June and July, a good solar water heating system is able to make use of available sun energy to heat the water.

Reduced carbon footprint – solar energy is green, renewable and doesn’t contribute to the detriment of the environment which happens when harnessing electricity. Reduced carbon footprint helps us to conserve the environment for the future generations.

Choosing the right solar water heating system dealer and installer

Buying a solar water heater is not something you do every day which is why you need a dealer you can trust to work with. Solar technology, just like any other technology keeps changing. We therefore recommend that you purchase your solar water heating system from a specialist dealer that only sells solar products and systems. This way you can be sure that you are getting a modern and efficient system that will work great for you.

If you buy from vendors that are not specialized, you might end up paying a lot of money for systems that are outdated or not as effective. What’s more you will not enjoy a wide variety of systems to choose from or advice to help you choose the best system for your needs.

Installation of a solar water heating system is a specialized skill that should only be done by people who are trained and certified as solar water installers. The best dealers of solar water heating systems also offer professional installation using their certified installation professionals. This means that the installed system will work as expected and last for a long time. They will also offer maintenance to ensure that your system can achieve the intended lifespan.

If you are in the market for a solar water heating system, we can help you. We are renowned vendors and installers of quality, reliable and durable solar water heating systems.

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