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Difference between pressurized and non-pressurized solar water heater

Are you ready to upgrade? Do you need a solar water heater of your own? We are here for you. Our company has all types of solar water heaters ranging from pressurized to non-pressurized.

As the names suggest, they are not very similar but they both satisfy our customers' needs. The major difference lies in how they operate. Don't panic. We've got your back and we'll take you through the differences so that you understand well.

Non Pressurized Solar Water Heater

A non-pressurized solar water heater cannot withstand pressure. This, therefore tells us that the water in the tank is under low pressure. This pressure is equivalent to the normal pressure of water under gravity. It uses a water shutdown that does not have pressure. The glass tubes used in connection are of a vacuum nature. The storage tank is insulated. Stand parts which are optional also come with it. It consists of tubes of glass that have been evacuated. Water is put in these tubes and gets heated up as a result of exposure to the sun.

Going to the benefits is that these types of solar water heaters have very high efficiency and long life. That is to say, when you buy such a solar water heater from us now, it will last you for more than fifteen years without any problem. It is also cheaper due to the simplicity of its making. It is light in weight. Hot water can be provided without external power.

Every coin has two sides they say. These solar heaters also have a so to say disadvantage. If it is not installed at a high level, the pressure will be very low. To get high pressure, it should be installed above water outlets.

Pressurized Solar Water Heater

On the other hand, pressurized solar water heaters can withstand pressure. The water in these pressurized solar water heaters is under high pressure. You can compare the pressure to that of tap water. This water heater also has a vacuum tube.

Solar energy is converted to heat energy which is used to heat the water. The threaded connection and the fact that there is no liquid in the vacuum make this possible. If you had no idea, this type of solar water heater always ensures that the water at the tap is hot.

Another advantage is that it is a great choice for luxurious showers. This is due to the high pressure produced therein. Have you installed a water pump and looking for a solar water heater that will work well for you? This is the perfect choice for you.

One thing that almost all if not all of our customers look out for is the ease of use. The good news is that this type of solar water heater is easy to use. Mastering and adapting to its variations in temperature is not difficult so to say. You also get to enjoy the freedom of choosing to retrofit or not.

With all the benefits we have mentioned, it won't be good if we ignore the limitations. The pressurized solar water heater is more expensive. Other models require power to be run unlike the non-pressurized which does not necessarily require power despite the model type.

Those are just the basic differences. However, if you want more details on the differences, feel free to contact us today.