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300 litre solar water heater price

There are many considerations to have in mind when choosing a solar water heater. One of those very important considerations is the capacity of the tank. This means the amount of water the solar water heater can provide to meet your needs. The higher the capacity measured in liters the more water you can get for use and the more you will pay for the system. A 300 litre solar water heater price will be higher than solar water heater with a lower capacity.

With a higher water capacity like the 300 litre tank, you get all the water you need to use for showering, washing and other tasks around the house. Also, this big capacity is ideal for large homes with many occupants where water demand is high. The higher your needs the bigger the tank you need.

If the water capacity of tank is not enough to meet your needs, you can also use another tank for water storage provided you have an active system that allows for such a configuration. This means that you can use a bigger tank of your choice to store the water for later use. Such systems are ideal for use in situations where the water is required for immediate use since these external tanks are usually not insulated and can lose the heat quickly.

The 300 litre solar water heater price also varies depending on the type of solar water heater. An active solar water heater costs more than a passive solar water heater. The active solar water heater comes with a pump that moves the water around the system as well as moving the heat transfer liquid. That is not all, it also comes with electronic controllers like temperature controllers that automatically pump the heat transfer liquid to maintain the water at required temperatures.

The capacity of the tank you need depends on the number of people in your household. A 300 litre solar water heater is ideal for large homes with 4-6 members. This capacity also leaves an allowance for when you have a few guests staying over.

Is the 300 litre solar water price worth it? This is one of the questions that many people looking to invest will ask. Heating water for up to six family members using electricity can be quite expensive. Although you will pay more for a 300 litre solar water heater, you will also save a lot of money in form of power bills which recoup the investment in several years.

The systems come with long life spans so you continue to enjoy the free hot water for many more years after the initial cost has been recouped. An investment in a 300 litre solar water heater is therefore a worthwhile investment with an assured ROI.

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